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T-Mobile G1 Better IMAP mail

So, after posting the other day about broken IMAP mail on the G1, it didn’t take long for a new solution to pop up. Enter the K-9 mail client — an “Android Mutt.”

I haven’t actually tried to see if K-9 fixes any of the folder syncing issues that I was having earlier.  However, what I have noticed is that K-9 handles message deletion much MUCH better. As in messages are actually marked for deletion IMAP style and they disappear from the mailbox.

Perhaps I’ll take some time over this Thanksgiving break to see if folder syncing works right. At least I know that the owners of the K-9 mail project will actually respond to bugs getting posted.

Unfortunately, there are a ton of bugs with the AOL client. I have filed many, but none have been reviewed so far. I’ve learned that the IM portion of Android is not open source, and that it was not written by Google. Hopefully there will be some momentum to get those issues fixed. Until then, however, the inability for the client to stay connected for long periods of time makes it essentially useless to me. Oh bother.