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About Me

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For some reason or another you have managed to find my homepage and have probably subjected yourself to a little bit of my bloggings. You then managed to delve deeper into who I am to bother to read the About page. So, in all fairness, I should probably tell you something about me.

Born and raised in the suburbs on Long Island (Albertson, in case it matters or if you were wondering), I was a student in the Herricks school district for my primary education. I played jazz and classical trumpet for about 10 years and gave it up by the time I graduated high school. I also played Volleyball, was a junior athletic trainer, and worked a bunch of odd jobs (including being a stock boy at a butcher!)

After graduating from High School, I went to Columbia University and received a BSEE from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) in 2002. It was affectionately known as FUSEAS, because some dude Fu donated a ton of money to have it named after him. During college I took up Judo and ended up playing for 5 years. I still play on and off today, 15 years later. I was also a bartender, a TA, and had various cool internships, including a stint at Lucent (right when the ish hit the fan) in their fiber optics division.

Today I am an entrepreneur, an automotive enthusiast, a race car driver, a motorsports photojournalist, a technical marketing manager, a hobbyist programmer, a wannabe DJ, a crossfitter, and many other things. You might just find me anywhere tomorrow. Hell, you might not be able to find me tomorrow! But, that’s just the good stuff.

I speak a little bit of Japanese and can read (albeit poorly and only with the aid of a computer dictionary). It’s been quite some time. I spent several weeks living in Tokyo, Japan in the early 2000s and attended language classes there after 2.5 years studying Japanese at Columbia. I studied German using Rosetta Stone for a few years before we took our honeymoon in Germany. I also speak a little bit of Spanish. I like to travel for both work and for pleasure, and I’ve been to many places. You can see some of my travels in my gallery.

In May of 2007 my wife and I bought our first house and reside just outside of Atlanta, GA. You can find my various social endpoints by looking at the links on your left. If you feel like emailing me, don’t, because I won’t reply to you.

Just kidding, I’d love to reply to you.

Especially if you are Japanese or German or speak Spanish, my wife, a potential business partner, someone trying to sell me cool wheels, someone who wants help or consulting on web, technology, photojournalism or any manner of other things, or just want to talk. I can’t guarantee you’ll get a response to any of the above, but some things are surely more likely to get a response than others.