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Updating Air on Fedora 12 breaks it… hell ensues

After getting messages about updating Adobe Air for a while, I finally decided to bite the bullet and do it.

Big mistake.

Crazy hell ensued, in that nothing from Air would work any more after that, and all I got was cryptic core dumps. I tried to uninstall Air and Tweetdeck, and failed at that for a while, too, until I figured out the following:

  1. Air and Air applications like Tweetdeck actually end up as RPMs.  You can (should) remove them using rpm -e as the root user or with sudo.  (found via Adobe’s page, sort of)
  2. I found the rpms by grepping: rpm -qa | grep ado — or — rpm -qa | grep weet
  3. You may have to remove or move your certificates folder in /etc/opt

So, if you decide to update Adobe Air on your Fedora 12 box and suddenly everything seems borked, you might just want to uninstall everything and install from scratch.  I just did this and it worked well, and I’m up and running with the latest Tweetdeck for Linux.